Streaming Sky Blue

I felt the dewy grass between outstretched fingers as I held my gaze skyward. The wet earth compressed beneath a head filled with what-ifs and why-nots. I love to feel cool rain on bare skin. A promise that all things get washed away if left out long enough. Like the salty mingling under light showers. … Continue reading Streaming Sky Blue

Home & Purpose: A View of “Night in the Woods”

Night in the Woods is a small indie game developed by Infinite Fall and released back in January of 2017. Obviously, many posts and reviews have been made about the game since, and you could easily read up on what the game is about. I had my first experience with Night in the Woods when it came to … Continue reading Home & Purpose: A View of “Night in the Woods”

February Recap: A Rambling of Happenings

Another day, another dollar. Another month, another... few more dollars. February flew by in a gust of slushy snow storms intertwined with bursts of sunshiney afternoons. I had high hopes and low expectations. Frustration and excitement. It was fine, I guess. For the moment I'm still structuring these recaps around noteworthy events, but this time … Continue reading February Recap: A Rambling of Happenings