Across the Threshold: Matrimonial Musings

The day opened up with what some might describe as a foreboding swirl of greys. The temperature had dropped to the low 60s, and intermittent thunderstorms threatened a wet weekend. By most accounts, the outlook may have been ominous. I, for one, happen to greatly enjoy the melancholy of dark skies and rainy weekends. And … Continue reading Across the Threshold: Matrimonial Musings

February Recap: A Rambling of Happenings

Another day, another dollar. Another month, another... few more dollars. February flew by in a gust of slushy snow storms intertwined with bursts of sunshiney afternoons. I had high hopes and low expectations. Frustration and excitement. It was fine, I guess. For the moment I'm still structuring these recaps around noteworthy events, but this time … Continue reading February Recap: A Rambling of Happenings