I realize it has been a while since my last post on this blog site. That is because… I haven’t been feeling it? This site has been sort of all over the place. I think that’s OK, and I’ve had fun writing different things on here and talking to people. But over the past few months, my efforts have been spent elsewhere, and I sort of started reevaluating my “writing lifestyle.”

In any case, I am making some changes to the type of things I want to post and how I want to post them. Which is why I started a new site!


The reasoning behind this really just has to do with my goals as a writer. I have fallen so out of touch with my creative writing and what it is I actually want to do with writing. So I spent some time reevaluating what my blog should be.

Instead of just deleting everything, or struggling with php coding and a bunch of other technical hieroglyphics, I figured this would be easier.

On the new site, I will only be posting short stories. Fiction writing has always been my goal, and what I enjoy the most, so I wanted to set up a platform to share my short stories in an effort to receive feedback and grow as a writer. And, hopefully, they’ll be entertaining. 🙂

I appreciate those who have followed me on this blog and provided their insights. If you’re interested to see my writing style in a different form and want to read free short stories, or if you just want to follow me and continue to provide feedback, you can do so by going here:

I have not settled on a specific genre for the stories I want to write. I enjoy mystery, supernatural, and general fiction the most. I also like to throw in touches of suspense or horror from time to time.

There should be a place to enter your email to sign up for updates, just like you did for this blog, found at the bottom of the new blog.

At the moment the site is empty, but my first story is scheduled for posting on February 1st. Don’t miss it! Also, please feel free to share my stories across social media once they go live! If you have questions or want to know more, try out the contact page on my new blog.

Thanks so much for your continued support!



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