February Recap: A Rambling of Happenings

Another day, another dollar.

Another month, another… few more dollars.

February flew by in a gust of slushy snow storms intertwined with bursts of sunshiney afternoons. I had high hopes and low expectations. Frustration and excitement. It was fine, I guess.

For the moment I’m still structuring these recaps around noteworthy events, but this time I’m going to also reflect on goals, and also touch on games/movies/books I’ve been into this month. Sort of like a recap/favorites post. Sound good? I mean, I’m going to do it anyway, so…

Happening #1

We entered February in Virginia with my fiance’s family. I wrote a brief travel blog about the experience a few weeks ago.

It was a lovely weekend where I was able to be stress-free and go along with the flow. I think those are my favorite kinds of little breaks– where I can forget about work and just live in the moment. I’m trying to bring that more into my everyday life, just appreciating little things and not being hung up on a directionless job.

I love traveling, and I love visiting family and friends. It was great.

Happening #2

We got our act together and finally sorted out our wedding attire plans, which was something I was kind of worried about.

It worked out well, I think. We ended up ordering custom tailored suits, and it was fun to pick out the colors and materials. I have an easier time now envisioning what our clothes will look like, so that’s exciting.

I’m feeling less nervous and more excited as things come together and fall into place. We’ve still got a few things to take care of and pay for, but I feel more confident that things will work out.


Our selections


Happening #3

Over this month, I have really made an attempt to spend more time with the people in my life. It’s important to work on building up young friendships, especially if you want to actually have friends.

So, I’ve tried to meet up more often with my friends and have more open, natural conversations. It’s been refreshing, which is surprising to me because I always consider myself to be a very typical introvert.

Spending long stretches of time with people usually does tire me out, and I greatly value my “alone time.” But I haven’t felt particularly stressed about it this past month. I think when I’m able to open and honest about how I’m feeling with my friends, it’s easier to be more relaxed. It’s also important, and lucky, that my friends have been understanding and receptive.


Cute/Important pin I bought while out with a friend


Rambling On About Faves

  • Games

I didn’t play too many games this month. The one game I did play through entirely and enjoy immensely is called Night in the Woods. I played it mostly while traveling with my Nintendo Switch.


It’s a pretty casual platformer that features a 20-year-old protagonist named Mae, who is a little college drop-out cat. The art style and the characters were so unique and charming on their own, but the story had an unexpected depth. It plays around with ideas of being young and directionless, having mental health issues around PTSD or depression, and having everyone around you be disbelieving or disconnected. It had a story that I could really feel.

Around those themes, the story was a mysterious one that focused on disappearances and murder in a small town. Which, if you’ve been paying attention at all, is exactly my cup of tea.

Overall, it was a great game. I am planning on writing a separate post that provides more in-depth coverage.

  • TV/Movies

My top two favorite TV shows throughout February have been America’s Next Top Model (stop judging), and the new WGN show Bellevue.

For me, Top Model is a show I grew up watching. I’ve seen every season. It’s not the best quality, I know. Sometimes it’s painfully dumb. But at this point, I feel like I have to watch. And, honestly, this current cycle has been relatively good.

Bellevue is a murder mystery/detective show, starring Anna Paquin. I know there are approximately twenty-seven thousand murder mystery/detective shows out there, but this one is up there with the best, in my opinion.


First of all, Anna Paquin is so goddamn good. Also, the mystery revolves around a missing transgender teen in a small, spooky town. There’s a lot I could say about the show… suffice to say that it’s good and I’ve been enjoying it.

  • Books

I’ve been terrible at keeping up with books for the past several months.

However, I have been rereading the Harry Potter series because 1.) duh, and 2.) my fiance is reading them for the first. Since I obviously have two sets of the series, I thought it would be fun to read along with him.

I also picked up Call Me by Your Name, by André Aciman. Mostly because I wanted to read the book before watching the film adaptation. But also because I need some high quality, story-driven homosexual love stories in my life.


Amazon didn’t have the original cover available.


Lastly, and I actually bought this book a few months ago, but I’ve also been really into Depression & Other Magic Tricks, which is a thought-provoking and moving collection of poems by Sabrina Benhaim. The book can easily be read in a matter of minutes, but I find it’s best for me to pick it up and read one poem a day, or whenever I’m feeling particularly cruddy. Sabrina has really been such a great help with this collection, and I deeply appreciate her raw vulnerability.


Observing Success and Failure

I’ll cap off the recap with a quick reflection on February’s goals.

They were mostly misses, if I’m honest.

I had planned out blog posts for three days a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I posted one Saturday, and my other TWO posts were a week apart, both being on Wednesdays. So. Take that, myself. I think my subconscious saw my planner and was like, “Oh really? That’s cute. Watch this,” and just rebelled.

It’s fine.

I had also made it a goal to spend more time and effort on my personal writing project. I would really like to get a first draft done of this story I have in mind. However, I really did not work as hard as I had planned.

I know it’s simply a matter of willpower and discipline, but those muscles of mine are severely out of shape. Despite failing this goal of mine to work more consistently, I am going to tweak my expectations a tad and carry this goal over into March. Wish me luck?

My other goals were contingent upon another’s schedule and mine matching up, and we were about 50% successful! Yay! It involves “meeting” every week via Google Hangouts. We also are planning on trading off books after we read and annotate them. She actually has her own book blog over here, which I really enjoy because it motivates me to read more often. You should check it out if you love everything about books, book boxes, fun, happiness, humor, etc. Or if you’re a human who has eyes. ♥

Okay. I think that about does it.

This was longer than I meant or anticipated. Sorry.

I’m not actually sorry. But I am so, so appreciative of those who read through this update.

Is there anything here that sparked your interest? Do you have any thoughts on any of my February favorites?

Thanks for hanging out!

— J. S.

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