Rainy Day Ramble

When it rains I think of a different life.
The one where our trio ran across parking lots and stood under lampposts at dusk.
When we swore to be bound forever.

When it rains I remember a lonely hometown road.
Where the music in the car blared as I wept over someone who didn’t deserve it.
When the view outside displayed a lifting fog over fields of cruelty.

When it rains I feel the room spin and spin and spin.
Eyes clamped shut as the mind chants a spell to cut the noise.
When the dark is too heavy.

When it rains I think of love.
Between slipping hands and hurried steps and laughter.
When joy came to the forefront and the cold didn’t matter.

Mostly, when it rains I feel refreshed.
Like a cool mint kiss at sunset.
When the muscle of memory no longer stings and plagues and tugs.
When every drip and drop is a hand on the back, a familiar voice, a step into dreaming.

— J. S.

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Ramble

  1. I come bearing gifts this Thursday.
    It’s a bit of a double delight situation; because you’re part of my Chosen 11 for February!
    It’s definitely not as cool as it sounds, you’re only nominated for both a Versatile Blogger Award AND a Sunshine Blogger Award. And I’m a bit of a difficult fan to have, so I’m looking forward to your post(s) regarding these awards.
    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have fun with the questions; make them yours; own em. But seriously, I remember feeling so under-pressure when I got my first nomination; and I completely understand if you choose not to. It’s seriously just for the fun of it, and of a healthy, lively blogging community. (great traffic count increaser too, I might add)
    Your participation, as always, is up to you. I’ll read whatever you have to share, Award post or not.
    Happy blogging! 😊
    (Here’s the links to my nominations for further details:
    https://achlamydialist.wordpress.com/2018/02/01/versatile-blogger-award-x2/ )

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