A Love Note

Every time I tell my story
I begin with you
We Had Everything” — Broods

My heart still skips when you wink at me unexpectedly– a swift shot.

I still remember the way your wet lashes held together over eyes of glistening blue– freezing me in place.

When you laugh uncontrollably at the silliest things, and it reaches down and fills me up– a ray of joy.

The flush of your cheeks– an infectious rose-colored glow that wraps me up.

Remember that time we sat beneath the bedside lamp light, hands intertwined, our feelings laid bare?
You told me you loved me.

We crashed into one another– a cosmic occurrence that reshaped my very soul.

Nothing was the same after that.

We grow stronger as this story unfolds– a journey I can look forward to.


You stoke the fire on my darkest days.

— J. S.

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